Meet the TransOgrind Family of Cutting Oils - High performance cutting oils include TG-250, EXP and US-1

Are you using only a Group l coolant? The benefits in upgrading to a Group ll coolant deliver significant performance advantages over typical Group l coolants.


Transor’s TG 250 is a severely hydrocracked & hydroisomerized (Group II) type fluid which yields improved quality, performance and user friendliness as compared to conventional (Group I) solvent refined products. The patented refining process used to manufacture

TG 250 removes 99.9% of the impurities typically found in conventional fluids which typically have 15-30% of these unwanted compounds.


By removal of these unwanted impurities, TG-250 provides the following

Features and Benefits:

1. Virtually Odorless/Colorless

2. High Viscosity Stability

3. Improved Heat Dissipation

4. Faster Cycle Times

5. Improved Performance without Synthetic Cost.




As with all Transor Filtration Systems, benefits include:


Get the ultimate in performance from a synthetic grinding fluid resulting in maximum

stock removal.


TRANSOGRIND EXP is a synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) based grinding fluid which

provides the ultimate in performance and user satisfaction. EXP offers offers superior characteristics not found in any mineral based fluids including oxidation and thermal

stability, lubricity, high viscosity index, fire safety and user friendliness. Transogrind EXP

is an excellent choice for heavy stock removal grinding operations.


Transogrind EXP provides the following features and benefits:

1. Longer Fluid Life

2. FIner Finishes/Faster Cycle Times

3. Reduced Fire Hazard

4. Reduced Consumption & Emissions

5. Operator Friendly




US-1 Dielectric Oil

Transor Filter has achieved a high level of recognition as a leader in EDM filtration. Working with builders and end users we have had significant exposure to various oils and how they affect performance. Through this experience, US-1 dielectric fluid came into being.


Irvin Kaage, Transor Filter USA President:

"Our primary business is filtration, but because we are filtering oil you can't help but

accumulate information over the years that makes a person knowledgeable about oils. We

took this information and formulated a dielectric that works extremely well in the EDM process

and our ONE MICRON filtration system. Most important is that it is available at an affordable

price. A major aerospace company employing over 100 EDM was using many different oils

and wanted to standardize. We were working with them on a filtration project and suggested

they try US dielectric. To our surprise, they chose US-1 as the preferred product for

performance and value."


Whether you EDM small parts or large forging dies, US-1 is a product you can rely on.


Five Key Points to Consider When Choosing an EDM Fluid

Transor Filter specializes in oil filtration and for over twenty years has been asked to filter dielectrics of all types. When reviewing our customers' requirements certain criteria appear regularly on the dielectric wish list. They include the following:


1. Odor Free and Colorless Users don't want oil that is dark and discolored with an

established scent before the product is even removed from the drum. Clear, odor free fluids

create an atmosphere conducive to excellence.


2. Operator Friendly Daily and excessive exposure to a dielectric product can irritate an

operators skin. While all individuals have different sensitivity levels, choosing an fluid that is

natural and pure can substantially reduce the chance of dermatitis.


3. Low Viscosity This can be a relative term, but generally speaking, dielectrics that have

viscosities of 37 SUS @ 72 degrees F or lower, improve flushing and particle settling. This

contributes to faster machining rates and fine surface finishes.


4. Flash Point Safety is always a concern, thus oils with flash points in the range of 220

degrees to 245 degrees F are generally preferred. To exceed this level, the viscosity increases

and affects machine rates. If safety concerns persist, perhaps a chiller should be considered.


5. Consistency High quality products do not fluctuate. When filtered properly, a quality product,

even when exposed to heat and contamination, can have exceptional life expectancy. US-1

offers great value to users as it combines exceptional performance at an affordable price.


Other dielectrics may promise more, but the US-1 delivers!


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PHONE:  847.640.0273  |  TOLL FREE:  800.354.3040

© 2018 Transor Filter USA   All Rights Reserved

PHONE:  847.640.0273  |  TOLL FREE:  800.354.3040

© 2018 Transor Filter USA   All Rights Reserved

PHONE:  847.640.0273  |  TOLL FREE:  800.354.3040

© 2018 Transor Filter USA  
All Rights Reserved

PHONE:  847.640.0273

TOLL FREE:  800.354.3040

© 2018 Transor Filter USA  
All Rights Reserved

© 2018 Transor Filter USA   All Rights Reserved

P:  847.640.0273   |   F:  800.354.3040